Remember …

. . . there is a war in Europe,

. . . there are people, including the police, shooting each other in the United States,

. . . this county, Canada, is extraordinarily complacent about its wealth and security,

. . . there are refugees dying in the Mediterranean and Central America,

. . . and I am okay. Most people are okay.

Remember . . .

. . . it is necessary to say this before doing or saying anything else; before asking “what happens if . . .”, “what can I do?” and “what is to be done?”

. . . it is necessary to do this so one does not act of needless fear, guilt, shame, pity, or pride;

. . . it is necessary so that any discussion or action is proportionate to ability and the problem.

Only then can a discussion or action be deliberate, useful, and effective.


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