Our Collapsing Civilization #1

David Brooks and his editors at the NY Times present a laugh-out-loud look at the past year as everything Brooks held dear passed into irrelevancy.

The Anxieties of Impotence (22 January 2016)

Stay Sane America, Please! (26 January 2016)

Donald Trump Isn’t Real (2 February 2016)

I Miss Barack Obama (9 February 2016)

It’s Not Too Late! (8 March 2016)

No, Not Trump, Not Ever! (18 March 2016)

What Is Inspiration? (15 April 2016)

If Not Trump, What? (29 April 2016)

Let’s Have a Better Culture War (7 June 2016)

Are We on the Path to National Ruin? (12 July 2016)

The Death of the Republican Party (22 July 2016)

The Death of Idealism (30 September 2016)

Let’s Not Do This Again (8 November 2016)

A Return to National Greatness (3 February 2017)

This Century is Broken (21 February 2017)

Get more here.

Washington Crossing the Delaware by Emanuel Leutze (1849-50). This photograph is of the original, housed in the Kunsthalle in Bremen until it was destroyed in an air raid in 1942.


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