Seen: Make Every Show Like It’s Your Last by Ryan Gander

Imagineering by Ryan Gander (2013)

Is Ryan Gander laughing or screaming? He offers straight-faced parody of such perfect pitch, I find it impossible to tell. 

Almost as impossible as distinguishing boredom from daydreaming by the expression on a child’s face. And therein lies the parody: no minister for Business Innovation and Skills would allow either in the classrooms, not with our financial and environmental “better futures” depending on it. 

Far better to test a five year-old’s sense of childish play and their teachers into oblivion with specific measurable outcomes and leave the “imagineering” to the grown-ups.

You see. Boredom or daydreaming? Sincere intention or the latest iteration of corporate love? Laughing or screaming? Whichever, Gander’s is a marvellous sense of humour.

Exhibition at the MAC.

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