Dear Internet: a note inspired by the present deluge

Dear Internet:

Not every one of my waking thoughts is interesting, but I worry about hiding whatever glimmer I possess under a proverbial bushel.

Should I (a) have more interesting thoughts – please tell me how I can have these? (b) share them anyway despite their individual tedium, or (c) rejoice in my obscurity even if it risks self-loathing and reveling my inadequacy?


  1. Dear Sam,
    Congratulations! You’re one of the very few humans who has had The Filter Epiphany! Thanks to your progressive rationale, the web is far less cluttered, and your glimmers shine ever more brightly.
    Keep it up.

    PS a) you’re interesting already; b) noooo! one look at (insert social media site) will heighten your awareness of banality; c) obscurity does not necessarily equate to self-loathing or inadequacy.

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